Ontario Turtle Conservation Center

Continuing on with the turtle theme you may asking yourself how you can get in on the action and help out your fellow heroes in a half shell. If you’d like to make an impact and help injured turtles I’d suggest heading over to Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre and go to their shop. They have a bunch of great items and the proceeds go on to help fund this organization which helps a lot of injured turtles. They aren’t the only one either many groups have formed over the years to help… Read More

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it before….man I love being a turtle. 

Time for more turtle info. Do you want to get serious about your ability to identify all eight of our native Ontario turtle species? If you said said yes head on over to here http://www.torontozoo.com/adoptapond/turtle_curriculum/unit1a1.pdf. If you said no you may need to reevaluate your stance on just how awesome turtles are.  Cheers -Paddle In

International Turtle & Tortoise Week. 

Did you know that April 17- April 23 is international turtle and tortoise week? While we don’t have any tortoises here in Ontario we do have an amazing variety of turtles. I also need very little excuse to post pictures of turtles, talk turtles or just think about 🐢 so because of that we’ll be bringing you all kinds of turtle related info this week!  So how many species of turtles have you seen on your paddling trips? We found this surly fellow making his way across a beach for a bit… Read More

Turtle Power

I meant to mention this when it actually happened but somehow it got lost in the shuffle.  Ontario took a large step forward in conservation this week by banning the hunting of snapping turtles. Snapping turtles are considered to be a species of “special concern” which means while they are not on the endangered or threatened list, yet there are a series of factors which are leading them towards those lists. Such as habitat destruction, car mortality and the harvest (of up to two a day) . The main issue being because… Read More