Gargantua Bay, Lake Superior

Quick post today as I’m headed out the door. Our first stop was Gargantua Bay on Superior. We used the area,which was fairly empty,as a jump off point to visit areas north and south of us. We had the kids with us so we limited the distance traveled to make sure we didn’t get caught up in anything. My wife and I have plans to return and paddle a much larger portion of the coast. It was amazing! The lake itself is awe inspiring. The ragged shorelines and crystal clear waters left… Read More

Gamitagama and The Old Woman

Okay so where did we start our Lake Superior trip? On the interior lakes. The weather was windy and rainy when we arrived so we decided to head interior for a few days to see if the weather would calm down for our paddle on Superior itself. Permits were acquired and a short drive later we arrived at Gamitagama Road. Following that for a few Km’s we arrived at out first portage. That’s right before we even hit the lake we’d be portaging. Gear , kids and the dog were wrangled and… Read More

Gear Review: Sea to Summit UltraLite Mat vs. Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite

Today we have a gear review brought to all of you by our good friend Tom (@thomas_rowan on Instagram) . Somehow I managed to trick him into writing a few reviews for us on our last trip. If you have any questions about the gear please feel free to ask in the comments. Gear Review: Sea to Summit UltraLite Mat vs. Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite When most campers think of sleeping pads, Therm-a-Rest is probably one of the first names that comes to mind – and for good reason. Cascade Designs has been… Read More

Day three Kawartha Highlands spring 2016

  Everyone know what a whip-poor-will is? Google them they are pretty cool looking birds. But they are also a bird which likes to call in the evening, all through the night, non stop , over and over and over, WHIP-POOR-WILL! WHIP-POOR-WILL! WHIP-POOR-WILL! Doesn’t make for the best sleep, I really need to invest in a good pair of ear plugs. Okay back to the trip. We awoke to a layer of frost on the ground. The temp had really dropped the night before and a white glisten covered everything in the… Read More

Day two Kawartha Highlands Spring 2016

With a great nights sleep on our side and bellies full of eggs, oatmeal and bacon we packed up the kids and headed towards the first portage of the day. There was a lot more portaging on day two than any of the other days. Keeping the kids motivated and fueled up with snacks was a high priority. A quick paddle through Triangle and Cherry and a short portage into Turtle we were making good time. The kids were counting down the portages as they passed and were very excited each time… Read More

Water , Water everywhere. Don’t fall in the drink. 

Down the trail

Heading out.

Midori Solo Tent – Eureka Tents.

  This year it was time to upgrade my solo tent. Shopped around for a bit and then kinda put it on the back burner. A few months back I found myself browsing tents again at the Outdoor Adventure Show. A particular tent caught my eye and within a few days it was ordered shipped and sitting nicely on my camping shelf.   Now at this point we were still deep in winter, no melt in sight. So there it sat on the shelf taunting me for weeks. The snow and ice… Read More