MacGregor Point Provincial Park- A quick glance

Highlight of September for me was celebrating my wife’s birthday at MacGregor Provincial Park. The last time I had been to MacGregor was 10 years prior when I tricked my girlfriend (now wife) to spend a snowy,cold April weekend in the park. It was nice to come back and reminisce about old times,cold times and our general unpreparedness when we were younger. This time around we were accompanied by our three year old daughter turned super camper. We enjoyed each and every moment in the park and my wife rang in her… Read More

Portaging – I smile and wave

During one of our portages through Massasauga Provincial Park we came across a group of five. Two young children and three middle aged adults. They had enough gear, in my opinion, to sink a small battle cruiser. We were lazily lounging around the put in snacking on granola when they pulled up. We exchanged pleasantries, and they began the trek along the portage. Having so much gear they had to make quite a few trips back and forth so on the last trip we decided we had done enough lounging for the… Read More