New YouTube video

New video is live! A short one on one of the trips from last year we took with the kids through Temagami. Thanks for watching.

Tips Tuesday #2

We’re back for another tips Tuesday. Who makes a trip plan? Who then leaves the details with someone they know? It’s a good idea to leave a detailed version of your trip plan with friends or family. Marking where you’ll be staying and when. This way if something does happen to you help can be sent out right away and search and rescue can target the areas you were supposed to be traveling through? Now some folks might say “wait I have a spot device for emergencies like that!” True it’s great… Read More

Ode to the Black Fly

“I’ll die with the black flies picking my bones. In North Ontario” -The black fly song – So if you’re like me your FB feed is full of people who have already got out for their first paddle as they live further south or are lamenting about the remaining ice and dreaming about paddling a northern lake. I’m just here to remind you what follows iceout just a few short weeks later. Those are not birds in the photo , nor is it a fleet of airplanes soaring in the skies of… Read More

Food Barrel Friday #3

What’s the one piece of kitchen/cookware you can’t leave at home on a backcountry trip? Let us know in the comments below or better yet show us a photo. Food Barrel Friday continues…. As some of you may or may not know it’s Canada Water Week . Now I think we can all agree that without water we wouldn’t get very far as Canoeists. We travel on it, we fish from it, most importantly we drink it. So here’s a question for all of you. With choice of beverages in short supply… Read More

Where’s the off switch.

Okay so we are playing super catch up when it comes to blog posts. My computer has been out of commission for almost two weeks now. Technology *shakes fist* it’s much simpler to just be out and about with a canoe and paddle. Today’s blog is from the taller half of Paddle In and as it was explained to me is more of a personal confession. So without further ado, here’s Andy. ” Where’s the off switch? If you are anything like me, you are probably reading this blog on your phone,… Read More

The Massasauga Provincial Park- A Photo Blog

Okay we’ve been super busy and I’ve been slacking on the blog front. This will all change as I’ve just finished writing up 15, that’s right count them, 15 different blogs. To get everything started I’d like to post a small photo blog on our recent trip into The Massasauga Provincial Park. The Massasauga is a small back country,canoe in only park, located outside of Parry Sound. With a system of inland lakes and campsites as well as sites available along the Georgian Bay shore. There are some great sites available and… Read More

CANOE! The story of a long drive and two very sore arms.

When you were a kid and there was road trip or long Sunday drive how did you pass the time?  Car games right? Who can spot the different license plate, the numbers game, name that animal. Of course you did. We did with our siblings. Well 4 years ago my wife and I on a long drive to Algonquin came up with a great car game that especially heats up during the summer. Before I get to the rules can I cannot stress enough that you shouldn’t be distracting your driver. Leave… Read More

Oh the things you can miss with a canoe on your head.

Oh the things you can miss with a canoe on your head. Sounds like a Dr Suess book doesn’t it. When we portage we often take for granted our surroundings as we trudge ahead eyes peeled for open water. Some of us grunt and groan, others are forever lost in silent contemplation of why they are undertaking this portage in the first place. Some even race ahead looking to prove their prowess and vigor as they blast through the portage loaded down with canoe and pack. But guys what could we be… Read More

Outdoor Adventure Show – Toronto

This past Sunday we hopped in the Paddle In truck and headed down to Toronto to visit the Outdoor Adventure Show. As an avid paddler I’m always excited when this show comes around. Filled with great products, fantastic presentations, and meetings with old and new friends, it made for a perfect Sunday afternoon. Ontario Parks had a great booth as always. Full of people going over maps and planning trips. A “meet the naturalist” table which was a big hit with my daughter. You can tell people are thinking about spring as… Read More

New guest Blog with Ontario Parks

  Please swing by the Ontario Parks blog page  to check out our new guest blog. Titled “what are you doing this weekend”. It talks about our year travelling through Ontario’s parks system. Let us know what you think.   Cheers -Matt