The itch.

The itch. That nagging little feeling a lot of you have right now. Just can’t put your finger on it but it won’t go away. Sure a few day paddles here and there make it go away. But then the next day it’s back. It’s getting uncomfortable now isn’t it? I mean there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow. When will it end? How will we soldier through? Will we make it? Of course we’ll make it, we always do, its the same old ice out blues we experience each year…. Read More

Outdoor Adventure Show – Toronto

This past Sunday we hopped in the Paddle In truck and headed down to Toronto to visit the Outdoor Adventure Show. As an avid paddler I’m always excited when this show comes around. Filled with great products, fantastic presentations, and meetings with old and new friends, it made for a perfect Sunday afternoon. Ontario Parks had a great booth as always. Full of people going over maps and planning trips. A “meet the naturalist” table which was a big hit with my daughter. You can tell people are thinking about spring as… Read More

New guest Blog with Ontario Parks

  Please swing by the Ontario Parks blog page  to check out our new guest blog. Titled “what are you doing this weekend”. It talks about our year travelling through Ontario’s parks system. Let us know what you think.   Cheers -Matt

Take a moment

Take a moment, and picture this. You are sitting in the middle of a lake, the wind has died down and not a single ripple can be found on the water anywhere. The birds are chirping in the trees, and the wailing call of a loon can be heard off in the distance. As you cast out your fishing line, the only thing to break the silence is the plop of a lure hitting the water. You gently reel back your line, and take a deep breath. For many people this is… Read More

Back country angling

“Don’t tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly, don’t tell them where they know the fish” -Mark Twain Okay this week we are starting  up a new  addition to the blog and it’s all to do with angling. Not a single member of Paddle In is by any means an expert angler. But we do spend an awful lot of time sitting around in a boat with fishing rods in our hands. That has to count for something. Before you head out on your first fishing trip make sure… Read More

Rondeau Provincial Park Photo Blog

Last weekend we spent some time up at Rondeau Provincial Park. We watched kite boarders on Rondeau Bay. We experienced an amazing hunters moon and listened to owls all night. The park is large and has a variety of trails to walk. The visitors center is very impressive with a variety of reptiles on display. I can see why so many people travel here during the spring and summer. We’ll be back next year for an extended stay for sure. Precaution has to be taken with children and pets at Rondeau as… Read More

Sawing Logs

  Andy blogs this week about a new piece of equipment he brought on our fall trip.  While I only used it a few times I can say it definitely helped us bush wack through Birchcliffe creek, and made quick work of the wood we brought back for evening/morning fires. The only downside I see with this saw is that it binds fairly easy. But with a little maneuvering it seems to make a great compromise for someone looking to go lightweight. -Matt Every bushman has his tools that he takes into… Read More

If a tree falls….twice Part two

We spent three days camping,hiking,exploring on Biggar Lake.     We attempted to make it to the portage just north of our site but our efforts were thwarted by a very well constructed beaver damn. So we turned our boat around and made our way to Birchcliffe Creek to see if we could find the campsite which was half way down it.     As you can see from some of the photos the trek down creek was no easy matter.  Six beaver dams, a couple of log jams and a lot… Read More

If a tree falls…..twice? Part One

On Wednesday October 9th we began our second annual fall paddle. Starting off in Cambridge Ontario, Peter and myself loaded the truck and headed off to Barrie to pick up the other member of our team,Andy. A few short hours later we were picking up our permits on Kaywawaymog. I had read there was a local outfitter who would let us park for a fee (20$),Cutting off about half of the lake. We arrived at Northern Wilderness Outfitters parked and were on our way by about 8:45 am. A quick paddle along… Read More

A day at the Pinery

Quick sleepover at Pinery Provincial Park. My wife and children had never been here before so we decided to spend Sunday night and all day Monday exploring this amazing provincial park. A little under two hours drive from Guelph we made it to the Pinery with plenty of time to set up. A nice night telling stories around the fire was followed by an unexpectedly cold sleep. We woke early to get a good start on the day and wolfed down a great breakfast of eggs,bacon and beans. First up was nice… Read More