Sawing Logs

  Andy blogs this week about a new piece of equipment he brought on our fall trip.  While I only used it a few times I can say it definitely helped us bush wack through Birchcliffe creek, and made quick work of the wood we brought back for evening/morning fires. The only downside I see with this saw is that it binds fairly easy. But with a little maneuvering it seems to make a great compromise for someone looking to go lightweight. -Matt Every bushman has his tools that he takes into… Read More

If a tree falls….twice Part two

We spent three days camping,hiking,exploring on Biggar Lake.     We attempted to make it to the portage just north of our site but our efforts were thwarted by a very well constructed beaver damn. So we turned our boat around and made our way to Birchcliffe Creek to see if we could find the campsite which was half way down it.     As you can see from some of the photos the trek down creek was no easy matter.  Six beaver dams, a couple of log jams and a lot… Read More

If a tree falls…..twice? Part One

On Wednesday October 9th we began our second annual fall paddle. Starting off in Cambridge Ontario, Peter and myself loaded the truck and headed off to Barrie to pick up the other member of our team,Andy. A few short hours later we were picking up our permits on Kaywawaymog. I had read there was a local outfitter who would let us park for a fee (20$),Cutting off about half of the lake. We arrived at Northern Wilderness Outfitters parked and were on our way by about 8:45 am. A quick paddle along… Read More

MacGregor Point Provincial Park- A quick glance

Highlight of September for me was celebrating my wife’s birthday at MacGregor Provincial Park. The last time I had been to MacGregor was 10 years prior when I tricked my girlfriend (now wife) to spend a snowy,cold April weekend in the park. It was nice to come back and reminisce about old times,cold times and our general unpreparedness when we were younger. This time around we were accompanied by our three year old daughter turned super camper. We enjoyed each and every moment in the park and my wife rang in her… Read More

A day at the Pinery

Quick sleepover at Pinery Provincial Park. My wife and children had never been here before so we decided to spend Sunday night and all day Monday exploring this amazing provincial park. A little under two hours drive from Guelph we made it to the Pinery with plenty of time to set up. A nice night telling stories around the fire was followed by an unexpectedly cold sleep. We woke early to get a good start on the day and wolfed down a great breakfast of eggs,bacon and beans. First up was nice… Read More

Craigleith Provincial Park photo blog

This weekend we had the opportunity to spend some time at Craigleith Provincial Park. About an 1.5 hours from Guelph, Ont we made the drive in record time, hit the park and set up camp. A great time was had late into the night swapping stories and playing with the kids. We had a wicked storm roll through about around five a.m on Saturday. Our new family tent was put to the test and passed with flying colors. In the morning  everyone was down at the shale beach looking for fossils and… Read More

Another Food Review – Natural High Products

…fresh pan fried Bannock… On our trip in August we thought we would review some of Natural High’s products. we chose them because they were the lowest in sodium. One of our favorite meals on the trip was Natural High’s country beef stew. The meal comes with separate mashed potatoes. The sauce and general taste was gentle and satisfying and this was a group favorite for sure. We added fresh onions, sweet peppers and mushrooms to it. Awesome meal! 4.5/5 was our overall group rating. Our first meal was the Kung Pao… Read More

Samuel De Champlain Provincial Park — Photo Blog

There is quite a bit of content going up this week. But first a quick photo blog of our trip to Samuel De Champlain Provincial Park.   A Nice river ran next to our site. Everyone pulled fish out of the river this weekend. Bass & trout being most prevalent. If you are looking for a place to bring the kids. This was a great park. Numerous play parks and a great assortment of trails. My kids had a blast at the day use beach. The park is crawling with turtles! Painted… Read More

Eramosa River

Quick little photo blog of our paddle down the Eramosa River in Guelph Ontario. We put in near the Scout camp on Stone Road, There is a bridge and a trail there which makes putting in very easy. The paddle took us all the way to the wellington street dam portage. The trip took us about two hours, the paddling is very easy with only a few shallower sections , which I could see being a problem later in the summer. Guelph is our hometown and it was nice to sit back… Read More