Midori Solo Tent – Eureka Tents.

  This year it was time to upgrade my solo tent. Shopped around for a bit and then kinda put it on the back burner. A few months back I found myself browsing tents again at the Outdoor Adventure Show. A particular tent caught my eye and within a few days it was ordered shipped and sitting nicely on my camping shelf.   Now at this point we were still deep in winter, no melt in sight. So there it sat on the shelf taunting me for weeks. The snow and ice… Read More

Grand River Parks Membership

Just a quick blog for those in The Grand River area or those who visit it frequently. The GRCA has revamped the membership this year. Instead of the car sticker it comes in the form of a card. We feel as this is an excellent change for a few reasons. 1)Those folks with multiple vehicles aren’t stuck having to use the car with the sticker on it 2)The ability to hop in another persons car with your card and still get into the park. We will definitely be using a lot more… Read More

Oh the things you can miss with a canoe on your head.

Oh the things you can miss with a canoe on your head. Sounds like a Dr Suess book doesn’t it. When we portage we often take for granted our surroundings as we trudge ahead eyes peeled for open water. Some of us grunt and groan, others are forever lost in silent contemplation of why they are undertaking this portage in the first place. Some even race ahead looking to prove their prowess and vigor as they blast through the portage loaded down with canoe and pack. But guys what could we be… Read More

The itch.

The itch. That nagging little feeling a lot of you have right now. Just can’t put your finger on it but it won’t go away. Sure a few day paddles here and there make it go away. But then the next day it’s back. It’s getting uncomfortable now isn’t it? I mean there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow. When will it end? How will we soldier through? Will we make it? Of course we’ll make it, we always do, its the same old ice out blues we experience each year…. Read More

Outdoor Adventure Show – Toronto

This past Sunday we hopped in the Paddle In truck and headed down to Toronto to visit the Outdoor Adventure Show. As an avid paddler I’m always excited when this show comes around. Filled with great products, fantastic presentations, and meetings with old and new friends, it made for a perfect Sunday afternoon. Ontario Parks had a great booth as always. Full of people going over maps and planning trips. A “meet the naturalist” table which was a big hit with my daughter. You can tell people are thinking about spring as… Read More

Hot Tenting- A review of the SnowTrekker EXP Crew 10×13 canvas tent

Hot tenting! Glorious hot tenting. It’ll be pretty hard to convince this guy to ever again go winter camping without a hot tent again. On January 31 2014 Team Paddle In set out for five wonderful days in Algonquin’s interior. But first we made a stop at Algonquin Basecamp. Chris and Robin were absolutely great to deal with. We strongly recommend them they have a wonderful outfitting store located near Access point 4 at the Amalguin Highlands information center. Lots of cool gear to rent or buy we’ll definitely be back. Chris… Read More

Toronto Sportsmen’s Show

If you have some free time this weekend, and are within driving distance of Toronto, I strongly recommend making the effort to check out this show. We attended The Toronto Sportsmen’s Show this Friday afternoon and had an absolute blast while we were there. The show has something for everyone. Fishing,hunting,boating,canoeing,camping ect ect booth after booth filled with all kinds of gear and gadgets. Check out the excellent selection of tents from Eureka tents Get your fishing licence renewed and book your next camping trip at the Ontario Parks booth. Check out the… Read More

Is it spring yet?

I know I’ve asked the question many times this winter. But really is it spring yet? Is it? How much longer do I have to wait? Truth is we’ve actually been having a blast this winter. We’ve been working really hard to improve our new website, work on our social media and plan trips and routes for this year. All the while snowshoeing, snowshoeing and more snowshoeing. We’re pretty excited to see what everyone has to say about all the new content and we can’t thank all of our followers,subscribers,friends enough. You… Read More

New guest Blog with Ontario Parks

  Please swing by the Ontario Parks blog page  to check out our new guest blog. Titled “what are you doing this weekend”. It talks about our year travelling through Ontario’s parks system. Let us know what you think.   Cheers -Matt

Rondeau Provincial Park Photo Blog

Last weekend we spent some time up at Rondeau Provincial Park. We watched kite boarders on Rondeau Bay. We experienced an amazing hunters moon and listened to owls all night. The park is large and has a variety of trails to walk. The visitors center is very impressive with a variety of reptiles on display. I can see why so many people travel here during the spring and summer. We’ll be back next year for an extended stay for sure. Precaution has to be taken with children and pets at Rondeau as… Read More