We’re back. 

We’re back! The Obabika River P.P was a great place to celebrate Ireland’s 7th birthday. We had a little bit of everything thrown at us this trip. Thunderstorms, wind, hordes of black flies and mosquitos but it was worth it. I had been in major Temagami withdrawal and this was just what I needed. We’re busy unpacking and cleaning up our gear (there are black fly corpses in everything). We have lots of photos and stories to share with all of you soon.  Have a great weekend! Hopefully you can all spend… Read More

All-in-one collar +leash combination from Rad Dog

We recently got our hands on the All-in-one collar + leash combination from the folks over at www.MyRadDog.com. I’ll be referring to it as the collar/leash for the rest of the blog. Well I think before we say anything we’d like to state that Whisky our wonder test dog loved his new collar/leash. He loved it so much he wrote his own blog about it, but since he’s a dog it didn’t make any sense and he just got mud all over the keyboard. So we stepped up and decided to write one… Read More

I didn’t choose the buglife, it chose me. 

Tis the season to wear bug nets fa la la la la la la la la..okay sorry I got a little carried away there. But it’s true the legions of blood sucking , biting creepy crawlers has risen from the fast moving brooks and stagnant beaver ponds. Yesterday we had a few conversations about bug prevention on canoe trips, now it’s all we’re thinking about. Luckily we make sure to have the following on our trips 1) Bug Jackets. The ones from The Original Bug Shirt Company are fantastic. 2) Bug spray…. Read More

To canoe

Best part of the last trip was watching all the exchange students discover a love of canoeing. Many talks and few laughs centred around that aspect of their experience in Algonquin. With only one small water/canoe related soaking it was definitely a positive experience for them, at least I think so anyway. Having our Swift Canoe & Kayak t-formex prospector was fantastic. It rides extremely well and could take any abuse they threw at it. I’ll have a more in depth write up about that canoe shortly.  Hope everyone’s having a great… Read More

Start building an Ark 

If anyone was wondering what the water levels we’re like on the east side of Algonquin right now. They’re up! Portages and campsites were all a little smaller when we were there this past weekend. But it was well worth it to get out and enjoy some time paddling and sitting around the fire with friends. Just remember even though the ice is gone the water is still insanely cold. So be safe when you’re out there.  #getoutside #wearApfd  Cheers -Paddle In

Tattler #IceOut2017 Algonquin

Big thanks to Scot from ManCamping.ca as well as Tom for a great weekend celebrating Algonquins #iceout2017 on Tattler Lake.  We had good weather , okay weather and on our way out horrible weather combining hail, wind , rain and a temperature of zero degrees. But it was totally worth it as the trip was filled a ton of laughs , nothing a little freezing rain and hail could stop. Here’s a little highlight -met some new folks who were on their first backcountry canoe trip -threw out enough 80’s movies references… Read More

The Itch *updated*

You’ve been asleep, it feels like months have gone by in a frozen murky blur. A dense fog has fallen on your normal routine and you feel helpless inside it. You’ve tried to break free, hell you’ve even convinced yourself that sleeping out in the snow at -35 would help, what were you thinking? Let’s be honest, you weren’t. You were just biding your time.  But then, a sliver of hope, a break in the fog, a light at the end of the tunnel. The temps begin to rise and spring bursts… Read More

A Grand Time 

It’s a different experience paddling along the Grand but it does have its own beauty and intrigue. It’s not all urban landscape and it’s not pure wilderness but it’s important and (at least we think) extremely interesting. We often take local areas like this for granted and spend our time focusing on our favourite northern paddling destinations.  My kids were asking me a million questions about the river and as I was rattling off info to them I thought you guys might be interested as well. So here are a few interesting… Read More

Day 4: The Canoe Collector

Paddle In’s 12 days of Christmas Day 4: The Canoe Collector Where do I start with Dave? That’s a hard question. Our first meeting was in a little watering hole in Orangeville. First impression? He was way taller than I expected. Gigantism aside though we had an exceptional time. Dave is a passionate outdoors man who seems to be rediscovering his love for everything canoeing. We’ve tripped ,with both him and his family, on a few occasions and he’s a great guy to have on a trip (providing he leaves his concrete… Read More

Day 3: DJ Mcphail Photography

Paddle In’s 12 days of Christmas Day 3 : DJ McPhail Photography …… In the Kawartha Highlands… When it comes to tripping partners DJ is world class. He’s a genuine riot to have on trips and as the years have progressed he’s become a good friend to the whole Paddle In crew. He’s a great paddler, an amazing photographer and an okay fisherman. We met DJ years ago when we started exploring the Kawartha Highlands and have been tripping together ever since. His passion for the outdoors is only outshone by his… Read More