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-A review of the Snowtrekker EXP

Water , Water everywhere. Don’t fall in the drink. 

Day One – A walk down Rain Lake road 

Heading out.

Is it winter yet?

 Temperatures will be creeping back above 0 today in Ontario, even warmer tomorrow. While it’s put a damper on local snowshoeing we’re busy making sure all our winter gear ready. Lots of new content coming at you guys in the next few weeks as well as a couple of giveaways.

Off topic winter wondering 

Okay slightly off topic today. Last night had a great chat with a variety of folks on the weekly #wegetoutside chat ,on Twitter, about winter camping. While I normally have paddling on the brain this really switched gears for me.  So I have a few questions for everyone.  1)Anyone here a winter camper? 2)Anyone interested in starting to winter camp? And if so what has held you back so far?     Interested to see what kind of mix we have here. The last few years our winters have been spent in the crown… Read More

Grand River calling

So it’s settled . Early Saturday we’ll be headed out again. This time though we’ll be staying in our own backyard.  We’ll be headed down the Grand River. No overnights this week. Though if temps stay like this how can we not? Just a nice day paddle leaving from Cambridge and heading as far as we can in a day. We’ll be sure to stay in contact and share photos through out our trip.  While the scenery may not be as nice as our more northernly trips. The Grand is very special to us and… Read More

Heading out 

  I awoke around seven am. I remember commenting to Pete on how warm my sleep had been. He said said the same and we both agreed the temps must of risen over night. Boy were we wrong.  Breakfast was made and after a quick survey of our surroundings a substantial amount of ice was discovered. The temps must of dropped more than we thought because a large section of the lake had 3/4 inch of ice on it. Our put in on the island was clear. But we instantly had concerns… Read More

Morning Three

Day three. Really morning three had the biggest impact on our trip. Remember I mentioned snowflakes on the tent? Pete was outta the tent about twenty minutes before I was and I could hear it. “CRUNCH, CRUNCH”. No way I thought it’s only been a few hours how much snow could of really accumulated. The answer , put simply, was a ton. Around 10cm had fallen overnight. And contrary to the forecast was still falling.  So what did we do? We made a big old fire and had a great breakfast. Luckily we had moved… Read More