Day three: Leaving the river 

Day Three: There was no confusion as to where I was when I awoke around five a.m on day three. The sound of the Nipissing rushing past my bivy , over rocks and under logs and spilling into a dark inky pool just feet from where I lay, was unmistakable. I had mixed emotions as I packed up camp and started to boil water for breakfast. I was leaving the river and would spend the next few days portaging through a series of lakes. On one hand I was happy that I… Read More

Day One Nipissing to Opeongo

I felt like a traitor as we rolled into the Kearney permit office. Which was made even worse as I walked in and the girl at the desk exclaimed ” oh wow haven’t seen you in a while”. We used to spend a lot of time on Algonquin’s west side but the last few years we’ve been paddling further and further north. Her next statement made me smirk she said “I hope you have reservations cause everything is booked” . It was the beginning of the long weekend, what was I doing… Read More

The importance of leaving a trip plan.

Let’s talk a little safety since we’re sitting here at the start of a long weekend. More importantly let’s talk specifically about the importance of leaving a trip itinerary with friends/family when you leave. I have a decorative chalk board which hangs in the living room (yes it has a canoe on it) before I leave I write down when and where I’m headed, for how long , and where I’m supposed to be for each day of the trip. I then jot down the park number, or location of my parked… Read More

Camping at Gargantua Bay

Okay a few people asked about Gargantua Bay so here it goes. Located along Superior’s coast Gargantua Bay is an area that has paddle/hike to back country sites. You can acquire your permits from the Agawa Bay campground gate. The a short drive down the main highway and you’ll reach Gargantua road. The access road is typical, not very wide, muddy and full of car breaking potholes it’ll take you a half hour or so to traverse down to the parking lots. From the parking lot you have three choices. One you… Read More

Day three Kawartha Highlands spring 2016

  Everyone know what a whip-poor-will is? Google them they are pretty cool looking birds. But they are also a bird which likes to call in the evening, all through the night, non stop , over and over and over, WHIP-POOR-WILL! WHIP-POOR-WILL! WHIP-POOR-WILL! Doesn’t make for the best sleep, I really need to invest in a good pair of ear plugs. Okay back to the trip. We awoke to a layer of frost on the ground. The temp had really dropped the night before and a white glisten covered everything in the… Read More

Day two Kawartha Highlands Spring 2016

With a great nights sleep on our side and bellies full of eggs, oatmeal and bacon we packed up the kids and headed towards the first portage of the day. There was a lot more portaging on day two than any of the other days. Keeping the kids motivated and fueled up with snacks was a high priority. A quick paddle through Triangle and Cherry and a short portage into Turtle we were making good time. The kids were counting down the portages as they passed and were very excited each time… Read More

Kawartha Highlands Spring Trip

We’ve had a few people ask what route we took in KHPP so I’ll spend the next few days going through this. First off KHPP is a very small park and while we took a Thursday to Sunday to complete the route we were also dragging a four and five year old along with us. This is a great introductory route (with a few surprises) that showcases the varying landscape in the Kawartha Highlands. Day one we were up and out the door before the sun had even considered making an appearance…. Read More

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Water , Water everywhere. Don’t fall in the drink. 

Day One – A walk down Rain Lake road