Clydegale Lake Trip 2013

A few weeks ago we once again packed our bags and headed into Algonquin Park. This trip was to be a “fishing trip” so we opted for a shorter than normal route. We paddled out of Rock Lake, through Penn Lake and made our camp in Clydegale Lake.   We camped on an island which is marked as site “6”, or the furthest southern campsite. The site was great! Plenty of shelter from rain and wind. Lots of firewood,a couple great spots to fish from shore and a very tame red squirrel… Read More

Grand River Photo Blog

I had the pleasure of taking a four and ¬†half hour paddle down the Grand River last weekend. My daughter, wife and myself in our boat and my father,mother and a very excitable mutt named Jake in their boat joined us on this trip. We put in at just north of Bridgeport in Kitchener and took out at Freeport in Kitchener. Total time paddling was around four hours and as we stopped to have lunch and let Jake “do his business” on an island just past Bingemans. The day started out grey,foggy… Read More

Eramosa River

Quick little photo blog of our paddle down the Eramosa River in Guelph Ontario. We put in near the Scout camp on Stone Road, There is a bridge and a trail there which makes putting in very easy. The paddle took us all the way to the wellington street dam portage. The trip took us about two hours, the paddling is very easy with only a few shallower sections , which I could see being a problem later in the summer. Guelph is our hometown and it was nice to sit back… Read More

I have made fire!

In my early days of outdoors adventuring, I used to take a lot of time trying to light fires with newspaper, or dry leaves, and although fires eventually always got going, some required more cursing and frustration than I would have cared to admit. In my last year of high school, a course on outdoor education was offered, and I gladly took it. It was in this class that I learned a bunch of fire starting techniques that were both cheap and pretty easy to put together. From a simple blob of… Read More