Under Construction! New site launching early 2021

With new additions to the team and a new goals for 2021 we’ve decided to update the old website. Stay tuned for lots of great new content in the new year. In the mean time you can find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Tom’s Tips for Solo Paddling

And we’re back this time with Tom’s tips for Solo paddling . Tip 1: Proper Position I can’t count how many times I’ve seen someone solo paddling a tandem canoe as they normally would with someone else in the boat; sitting in the stern, with the result being the front 3/4 of the canoe completely out of the water. To remedy this, sit backwards in the bow seat, which will position you further to the centre of the canoe. Jam your pack and all of your gear at the front of your… Read More

Lighting a fire(box) without a lighter

Hey guys Shawn here and my contribution to tips tuesday is showing you all how to light a fire(or in this case a Folding Firebox Stove) without a lighter. I place it just on the outside of my tarp on rain days to help stay warm in the cool weather. It is the perfect size for 2 people. When doing this I use the Swedish torch method that stands chunks of wood upwards because I find I get a longer burn time.   Step 1: grab dry tinder and or small twigs… Read More

Canoe tips for paddling with your kids

Welcome to the very first “Tips Tuesday” . A day to share useful tips that’ll make your trip go just that much easier. Throughout the day we’ll be bringing you a few different themes and I’m here to start it all off… Up first we have “ Four tips for canoeing with kids” As you all know our little ones are avid paddlers and portagers but there was a point when we were both new to it. So I have four tips that’ll make your life a little easier. 1) Set appropriate… Read More

New YouTube Video Up -Poop in Comfort

Johnny and Shawn head up a team to bring a little comfort to you morning constitutional in the back country. My only question is where are the three sea shells? Make sure to like, subscribe and share while you’re watching. Thanks!!

All-in-one collar +leash combination from Rad Dog

We recently got our hands on the All-in-one collar + leash combination from the folks over at www.MyRadDog.com. I’ll be referring to it as the collar/leash for the rest of the blog. Well I think before we say anything we’d like to state that Whisky our wonder test dog loved his new collar/leash. He loved it so much he wrote his own blog about it, but since he’s a dog it didn’t make any sense and he just got mud all over the keyboard. So we stepped up and decided to write one… Read More

Start building an Ark 

If anyone was wondering what the water levels we’re like on the east side of Algonquin right now. They’re up! Portages and campsites were all a little smaller when we were there this past weekend. But it was well worth it to get out and enjoy some time paddling and sitting around the fire with friends. Just remember even though the ice is gone the water is still insanely cold. So be safe when you’re out there.  #getoutside #wearApfd  Cheers -Paddle In

Tattler #IceOut2017 Algonquin

Big thanks to Scot from ManCamping.ca as well as Tom for a great weekend celebrating Algonquins #iceout2017 on Tattler Lake.  We had good weather , okay weather and on our way out horrible weather combining hail, wind , rain and a temperature of zero degrees. But it was totally worth it as the trip was filled a ton of laughs , nothing a little freezing rain and hail could stop. Here’s a little highlight -met some new folks who were on their first backcountry canoe trip -threw out enough 80’s movies references… Read More

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it before….man I love being a turtle. 

Time for more turtle info. Do you want to get serious about your ability to identify all eight of our native Ontario turtle species? If you said said yes head on over to here http://www.torontozoo.com/adoptapond/turtle_curriculum/unit1a1.pdf. If you said no you may need to reevaluate your stance on just how awesome turtles are.  Cheers -Paddle In

International Turtle & Tortoise Week. 

Did you know that April 17- April 23 is international turtle and tortoise week? While we don’t have any tortoises here in Ontario we do have an amazing variety of turtles. I also need very little excuse to post pictures of turtles, talk turtles or just think about 🐢 so because of that we’ll be bringing you all kinds of turtle related info this week!  So how many species of turtles have you seen on your paddling trips? We found this surly fellow making his way across a beach for a bit… Read More