More Christmas suggestions

“Now I Have Another Reason To Hate Christmas.”

One month till the big day! I’m sure there are a few paddlers left on your list that deserve a little something under their tree this Christmas . So here are my choices this year.

Up first we have this great little collapsible bowl. We all know a few folks who love to bring their pups on trips . This helps save weight and space. You can snag one at See Sawyer Run by clicking the link below.

Canoe keychains . I have one, my kids have one, the wife has one. You need one. Wear your canoeing pride on your shoulder…I mean keychain. Head over to Kingdom Outdoor and grab yours now.

I snagged these moose hide mitts last year at Christmas. They are absolutely fantastic. Locally made and will keep your hands insanely toasty this winter as you’re trucking through the backcountry. Go check out Hides In Hand and click the link below.

And with that I’ll slink back up to my cave to wether out the Christmas season. Enjoy and Bah Humbug.

Paddle In

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