Lighting a fire(box) without a lighter

Hey guys Shawn here and my contribution to tips tuesday is showing you all how to light a fire(or in this case a Folding Firebox Stove) without a lighter. I place it just on the outside of my tarp on rain days to help stay warm in the cool weather. It is the perfect size for 2 people. When doing this I use the Swedish torch method that stands chunks of wood upwards because I find I get a longer burn time.
Step 1: grab dry tinder and or small twigs to help get the initial fire. If surrounding tinder and twigs are too wet to burn, create shavings from the insides a dry and seasoned soft wood log as shown in the video.
Step 2: cut main burning wood into chunks equal or 1” less of the height of the interior of firebox.
Step 3: baton and split wood with knife into 1.5”-2” in width and stand upright in firebox until filled
Step 4: take a cotton ball and stretch it thinly over top of split wood in firebox, and then add some tinder to surround cotton
Step 5: slowly use back of knife and create fire steel shavings on cotton before striking a spark.
Step 6: strike fire steel to ignite cotton and place tinder and wood shavings over the lit cotton ball.
This should enable the fire to get going allowing hot embers to drop between the upright wood and ignite the wood vertically.


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