Meet Bannock

Totally forgot to introduce my personal favourite new addition to Paddle In. Meet Bannock everyone! He’s a Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) and our newest canoe pup. He’s already been winter camping with us and he’s realized he loves the wood stove (pictured below) We’re hoping he takes to the canoe as well as our other pup Whisky has. His canoe training has already started even though there’s snow on the ground. He’s been in and out of the canoe on dry land and been allowed to check out all our gear and how it smells. Very excited to get him on the water and see how quickly he throws me in the drink the first few times. So while we’re very excited to have new two legged additions to Paddle In we have to admit we’re just that much more excited about this four legged addition (sorry guys) .

It’s another warm one this weekend folks. Hope everyone stays dry and safe. We won’t be paddling or winter camping this weekend. But we are headed to the Capital of Canada 🇨🇦 for a visit with some great friends (without the dogs and kids!) Have a great weekend everyone.

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