All-in-one collar +leash combination from Rad Dog

We recently got our hands on the All-in-one collar + leash combination from the folks over at I’ll be referring to it as the collar/leash for the rest of the blog.

Well I think before we say anything we’d like to state that Whisky our wonder test dog loved his new collar/leash. He loved it so much he wrote his own blog about it, but since he’s a dog it didn’t make any sense and he just got mud all over the keyboard. So we stepped up and decided to write one for him.

Okay we love this product! It eliminated the need to bring a leash for our dog Whisky on our canoe trips. If you’re like us you don’t leash your dog in the canoe but then hook them up once you get to a portage. Or as we’re often crownland camping we don’t have him on a leash at all. Eventually though you hit the portage or the need arises to leash him up. So I’m loving just being able to reach down and grab the handle on the collar which then extends the leash. The leash retracts back into the collar when you release it. Making it a very tidy little package.

The durable collar is made with climbers webbing (Cordura) and has a leash (an extra strength material called Spectra) built right into it. Which makes controlling the dog in the canoe and on the portages easier without having their leash dangling all over the place. The Spectra leash is rated for dogs up to 110lbs which would be a pretty big dog to have in the canoe with you, so we’re thinking if you’re reading this the collar would be suitable for your dog.  The product comes in a variety of colours and for sizes ranging from small (up to 40lbs) to XLG (41 lbs – 110 lbs).

We had the collar/leash out with us on our last canoe trip. Once we adjusted it Whisky had absolutely no issues wearing it. He was in and out of the canoe/water quite a bit and it held up nicely. Not having to unpack his leash at each portage was fantastic, my kids and my wife commented how convenient and easy the collar/leash was. We’re all about streamlining the canoe packing process, so if can ditch a piece of gear I will.

I’ll say again we absolutely loved the collar/leash and would recommend it for any of our fellow canoeists or hikers. For anyone interested in picking up this cool product from Rad Dog you can head over to their website The MSRP is 39.95 which we feel is totally in line with a standard leash and collar purchase. We’re definitely fans and we’ll be picking up a few more for our other pups.

-Paddle In

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received All-In-One Combination Leash + Collar for free from Rad Dog in consideration for a gear review

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