I didn’t choose the buglife, it chose me. 

Tis the season to wear bug nets fa la la la la la la la la..okay sorry I got a little carried away there. But it’s true the legions of blood sucking , biting creepy crawlers has risen from the fast moving brooks and stagnant beaver ponds. Yesterday we had a few conversations about bug prevention on canoe trips, now it’s all we’re thinking about. Luckily we make sure to have the following on our trips

1) Bug Jackets. The ones from The Original Bug Shirt Company are fantastic.
2) Bug spray. I’m not a huge fan of bug spray myself but we make sure to have some DEET , some all natural and some designed for kids on each of our trips. If the biting hordes get to much for my trip mates sometimes just the act of spraying a little on them will put their mind at ease.
3) Eureka Canada vcs tarp system and screen shelter. We have the older version they have a no No Bug Zone version which is just as good. It’s nice to have an area set up at camp that’s bug free, especially for the kids.
4) Patience and will power. Biting insects don’t really bother me. People often state on trips that they have no idea how I’m not losing my mind over the bugs. I think once you put it out of your mind it’s a little less of an issue. Also just paddle out into the lake. There is normally a breeze and less or no bugs out there. Lay back , cast a few lines and enjoy your big free area.
-Paddle In

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