A Grand Time 

It’s a different experience paddling along the Grand but it does have its own beauty and intrigue. It’s not all urban landscape and it’s not pure wilderness but it’s important and (at least we think) extremely interesting. We often take local areas like this for granted and spend our time focusing on our favourite northern paddling destinations. 

My kids were asking me a million questions about the river and as I was rattling off info to them I thought you guys might be interested as well. So here are a few interesting facts about the Grand River Watershed

– The largest watershed in Southern Ontario at 6800 square kilometres
-90 species of fish, 250 species of birds and over 80 species at risk call the watershed home.
– If you were to line up all the rivers,streams and creeks it would total around 11000 kilometres (that’s one hell of a paddle) 

There’s loads of other interesting facts and I’d recommend checking out http://www.grandriver.ca for more info. The Grand River Conservation Authority does a great job managing the system and you can find out more via the website posted above. 

As I was mentioning earlier we plan on paddling the length of the river in the next few weeks from Elora to Lake Erie. We’d love to hear from any of you who live along or near the Grand. To meet up or at least wave to as we go by. Hope everyone is having a great week. 


-Paddle In

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