Paddle In’s 12 Days Of Christmas Day:1 Algonquin Basecamp


Paddle In’s 12 Days of Christmas!

Okay! Normally we talk about gifts around Christmas, this time we thought we’d shake it up a bit and spend the next twelve days telling you about some great Blogs/Companies/Organisations that are special to the Paddle In team. Most of whom have become great friends and who deserve all the recognition they can get.

Day 1 – Algonquin Basecamp

These guys are just the absolute best. I know you’ve seen us talk about them before but it’s true. The folks at Algonquin Basecamp have been fantastic to us over the years. From canoe rentals, to hot tent rentals, and everything thing else inbetween, they have everything you need to outfit a backcountry trip. They are located in Kearney right across from the permit office. Which makes it a no brainer that if you’re headed to the west side of the park you’ll have to stop in and say hi. Forgot a water bottle or need to pick up some freeze dried meals? They have a store loaded with all kinds of gear. Coming up to the park late? They have a wonderful lodge with all the amenities you’d need for a comfortable nights sleep before your big trip. We really can’t say enough about these guys and truthfully if you talk to anyone that has ever dealt with them you’ll hear the same thing.

Winter is here which means its time to dust off those snowshoes and head out for some winter camping. Make sure the first call you make this year is to Algonquin Basecamp and let them set you up with one of their snowtrekkers and anything else you’ll need for your trip. And to those of you who have expressed interest in winter tripping with us this year be assured that our first stop before heading in is always Algonquin Basecamp because it wouldn’t be a proper trip to Kearney without popping in.

So Happy Christmas to the whole gang at Algonquin Basecamp. Hope you guys have a great holiday, we’ll be seeing you soon. Maybe we’ll actually get Chris out on a trip this year.

-Paddle In



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