Day 4: The Canoe Collector


Paddle In’s 12 days of Christmas

Day 4: The Canoe Collector

Where do I start with Dave? That’s a hard question. Our first meeting was in a little watering hole in Orangeville. First impression? He was way taller than I expected. Gigantism aside though we had an exceptional time. Dave is a passionate outdoors man who seems to be rediscovering his love for everything canoeing. We’ve tripped ,with both him and his family, on a few occasions and he’s a great guy to have on a trip (providing he leaves his concrete core canoes at home). His quick wit leaves me chuckling and smiling any time I’m within ear shot of him. He had the kids (as well as Duane and me) enthralled on the Temagami trip as he expertly wove a tale of the infamous chicken lake. So all that being said go check out his page The Canoe Collector and read his musings and stories it’s well worth your time. His passion for this pasttime/hobby/WAY OF LIFE that we all adore is contagious. I’m excited to see what this next year is bringing for the The Canoe Collector so pop on over there and give the page a like and tag along with us. Be assured you will hear more about him here as we work together on new trips and projects for 2017.

In closing I asked Dave to shoot me a quote the other day and this is what he responded with…

“Great friendships arise from adventures taken not necessarily from where you think you’d like to go, but rather, where you need to be”

Nail on the head Dave! So from all of us here at the Paddle In ranch Merry Christmas! To you, Karin and kids. It’s been a blast getting to know you guys and it feels like we’ve known each other for years. Here’s to more adventure……….I smell a winter camp trip brewing.

-Paddle In


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