Day 3: DJ Mcphail Photography


Paddle In’s 12 days of Christmas

Day 3 : DJ McPhail Photography …… In the Kawartha Highlands…

When it comes to tripping partners DJ is world class. He’s a genuine riot to have on trips and as the years have progressed he’s become a good friend to the whole Paddle In crew. He’s a great paddler, an amazing photographer and an okay fisherman. We met DJ years ago when we started exploring the Kawartha Highlands and have been tripping together ever since. His passion for the outdoors is only outshone by his passion for photography which comes out in all his amazing nature shots. Those that know me know I love to laugh, a trip with DJ is a trip full of laughs and it’s hard to not have a smile on your face when you’re hanging out with this guy. He’s won my kids over, my wife and he’s even run the gauntlet that is tripping with my Dad, which is no easy task, and come out on top.

So head on over to his page and check out his photos. You will not be disappointed they are fantastic. And keep your eyes glued to our page for future trips and projects with this guy. If there was anyone who we would call an honorary member of Paddle In it’s DJ. So Merry Christmas DJ to you Jamie and Levi. Get your winter gear ready it’s time for another trip.

-Paddle In


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