The importance of leaving a trip plan.


Let’s talk a little safety since we’re sitting here at the start of a long weekend. More importantly let’s talk specifically about the importance of leaving a trip itinerary with friends/family when you leave.

I have a decorative chalk board which hangs in the living room (yes it has a canoe on it) before I leave I write down when and where I’m headed, for how long , and where I’m supposed to be for each day of the trip. I then jot down the park number, or location of my parked car. Why do we do this? Simple, accidents can and will happen, setting up a system like this will allow your loved ones to have an idea of where you are and when you should be returning. So that if you don’t arrive at your destination at the end of your trip you have details on where you were supposed to be so a search can begin for you. You can work out a set date with a friend/family member about how long to wait after the determined return date to start looking. If you don’t have a chalk board that’s fine. Leave a note on the fridge, email your schedule to a friend, or etch it in stone tablets and place it in your garden. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just that you do.

Hope everyone has a great long weekend. Wear your PFD and keep the suds on the shore. Have fun and enjoy your outdoor experiences. Also if any of you are going to be in the Algonquin area over the next week or so let us know. I’ll be leaving Saturday on a solo trip from the Tim river access and ending it the following Thursday at Opeongo. As always it would be good to connect with anyone in the area.

-Paddle In


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