Camping at Gargantua Bay

Okay a few people asked about Gargantua Bay so here it goes.
Located along Superior’s coast Gargantua Bay is an area that has paddle/hike to back country sites. You can acquire your permits from the Agawa Bay campground gate. The a short drive down the main highway and you’ll reach Gargantua road. The access road is typical, not very wide, muddy and full of car breaking potholes it’ll take you a half hour or so to traverse down to the parking lots.
From the parking lot you have three choices.
One you can load up your gear into your canoe and head out to the surrounding area.
Two, you can hike/portage towards Gargantua Harbour (2 km away) on the way you’ll pass three sites. The second is by far the best site and we spent a few nights here.
Or three you can head of in the opposite direction of Gargantua Harbor and hike/portage along a section of coastline which is dotted with a few other sites.
This area is easily accessed by anyone. The trails to the sites are flat and clear. The sites have thunder boxes, picnic tables and a fire ring. Its the comforts of a car camping site with the solitude and price of a back country site. Camping in Gargantua bay also shelters you fairly well from Superior. Gargantua Harbor is very sheltered and easily paddled. There is the remnants of an old fishing village as well as an old shipwreck which can been seen easily beneath the surface.
So if you’re looking for a place to canoe/kayak/hike or just relax i’d really recommend Gargantua as a great place to start your Superior adventures. As always take care while paddling on a large lake like Superior. If the waves are to big take a hike not a paddle . Be safe and have fun.
-Paddle In

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