Gamitagama and The Old Woman

DSC_0078 (1).JPG

Okay so where did we start our Lake Superior trip? On the interior lakes. The weather was windy and rainy when we arrived so we decided to head interior for a few days to see if the weather would calm down for our paddle on Superior itself.

Permits were acquired and a short drive later we arrived at Gamitagama Road. Following that for a few Km’s we arrived at out first portage. That’s right before we even hit the lake we’d be portaging. Gear , kids and the dog were wrangled and we made the trek to our first lake Gamitagama. We would spend the next few days fishing and exploring from here to the Old Woman Lake area.

There are some interesting portages through this area, the kids proved as always to be troopers with not a single complaint over the few days we explored the area. I think a lot of that came from the complete lack of bugs. I had been in Temagami not four days before and had the bug bites to prove how they were still very active. But here in the woods ,lakes and streams it seemed all the biting insects had taken a holiday.

Highlights included watching a bird of prey attempt to take a loon chick from the water. The parents were not having any of it and through up quite a fuss almost drowning the predator in the process. Exploring some creeks and clearing a few portages. And a choice encounter my wife had with a mouse which felt her shoulder would be a perfect perch.

As the days progressed we saw the weather getting better and made the decision that it was time to leave the quiet of Lake Superior’s interior and head to its shores. This was the main reason we had come here and with little under a week left in our trip we were ready and excited to hit the big water.

Hope you guys have had a great weekend. I have a lot of content to add the next few days. I’ve been out over 20 days this month and realize I’ve done little than just throw up a few photos. So we’ll go through our Superior trip and then I’ll jump back to our previous Temagami trip.

-Paddle In

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