Day three Kawartha Highlands spring 2016


Everyone know what a whip-poor-will is? Google them they are pretty cool looking birds. But they are also a bird which likes to call in the evening, all through the night, non stop , over and over and over, WHIP-POOR-WILL! WHIP-POOR-WILL! WHIP-POOR-WILL! Doesn’t make for the best sleep, I really need to invest in a good pair of ear plugs. Okay back to the trip.

We awoke to a layer of frost on the ground. The temp had really dropped the night before and a white glisten covered everything in the site. The fire was stoked , breakfast was served and we broke camp and set off. Our destination for today was Shark Lake. With blue skies and a bright sun overhead we made the trek out of mountain, into Buzzard, which has insanely clear water at the moment, down through Vixen and eventually into Shark. Shout out to Banjo the retriever who became Jakes friend on the final portage as they raced back and forth. Just before we reached our site on Shark Ireland attempted a quick dip in lake which didn’t last long as the water was still frigid. But she’s braver than me that’s for sure.

Camp was set and snacks were consumed. Shark was a real busy lake on Saturday, canoe after canoe passed our site. The reality of how small the park is became very evident, but as evening crept in the activity on the lake stopped. We hiked around with the kids. Found a gorgeous waterfall on the portage near our site. Talked with kids about spring and new life and headed back to the site for one last campfire. A quick weather check informed us we were due for rain in the morning. Plans and alarms were set so we’d be ahead of the weather and maybe just maybe we’d get to put the tents away dry for once.

The last night is normally spent around the fire reflecting on the trip and talking about where we’d be heading next and this night was no different. We laughed and reminisced, It was great having DJ with us on the trip, my kids have already started calling him uncle. His passion for the backcountry and photography comes shining through is everything he does and we’re happy to have him as part of the Paddle In family. Plus he put up with my father for a whole trip and that is a feat unto itself.

Hope everyone is having a great week. Anyone have plans for this weekend?


-Paddle In

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