Day two Kawartha Highlands Spring 2016

With a great nights sleep on our side and bellies full of eggs, oatmeal and bacon we packed up the kids and headed towards the first portage of the day. There was a lot more portaging on day two than any of the other days. Keeping the kids motivated and fueled up with snacks was a high priority.

A quick paddle through Triangle and Cherry and a short portage into Turtle we were making good time. The kids were counting down the portages as they passed and were very excited each time we put one behind us. Turtle is a gorgeous lake, as we paddled we discussed the large stone on the south side of the lake which Finn was convinced was a giant stone turtle. We decided we would return at a different time and investigate further. The portage from Turtle to Stoplog is very nice and everyone enjoyed another landscape change as we left the evergreens of turtle behind and walked through the large deciduous forest and down to Stoplog.

We were excited to camp on Mountain this night as none of us had been there before. We had heard that the lake was stocked with rainbow trout so visions of a shore lunch danced in our heads. A super quick paddle across Stoplog and we arrived at the final portage of the day. Everyone was still in high spirits and we set off. Those high spirits were blown away pretty quickly as we began the climb into Mountain. Anyone who has traveled through there knows the portage goes up and up and up. As I carried the canoe I passed each of my trip mates in various states of exhaustion. But everyone soldiered through and we were rewarded with Mountain Lake at the end. A single campsite exists on the lake. It has a great put in, is large and has a great view of the lake.

We setup camp, fished ( no luck) , and then we paddled across the lake to hike up to a lookout which had a great view of the surrounding lansdscape. We had dinner around the fire and the kids explored the area surrounding the campsite where they discovered a beavers skull and a small bay just packed to the gills with tadpoles. Both things were prime examples of why we bring our kids out with us. The life experiences and touch and feel learning just cannot be matched.

Everyone was pretty beat from the days trip and as I slid into my bivy I noted how clear it had become and threw on an extra layer on in anticipation of the temperature dropping. The sound of the frogs and a lone barred owl lulled us to sleep once again. It had been a great day spent with friends and family.

-Paddle In

3 Comments on “Day two Kawartha Highlands Spring 2016

  1. Beautiful pictures! Looks like you had some great weather. We paddled at Kawartha highlands a couple of years ago in the summer. You are right, it does get a bit crowded, especially around cottages on Long Lake.

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