Kawartha Highlands Spring Trip


We’ve had a few people ask what route we took in KHPP so I’ll spend the next few days going through this. First off KHPP is a very small park and while we took a Thursday to Sunday to complete the route we were also dragging a four and five year old along with us. This is a great introductory route (with a few surprises) that showcases the varying landscape in the Kawartha Highlands.

Day one we were up and out the door before the sun had even considered making an appearance. We met Pete in the Timmies parking lot and we’re off to Peterborough to pick up DJ. About four hours later some of us were on the shores of Long Lake loading canoes while the others shuttled the vehicles to Coon Lake where we’d be exiting on Sunday.

For day one we had decided to camp on Cox Lake for evening. If we were to do this route again I think we’d head down into Triangle for the first night to cut down on the night / day difference of day one and two. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Long Lake was easily our biggest paddle in the whole trip. We made quick work of Long and Loucks, cleared the two little portages fairly quickly. Had some interesting time getting over some beaver dams in the narrows and were quickly on Cox Lake. Water level in KHPP was a reoccurring issue this trip as it has been for the last few years, combined with the insane amount of beaver activity it can be interesting.

Mentioned earlier that we would move into Triangle if we did the loop again. Why? Well as this was the first trip for quite a few of us. Day one was a walk in the park compared to day two and doing the 1240 into Triangle would of eased that a bit.

We spent the remaining part of the day telling stories, laughing, eating some amazing steaks my wife had brought along and listening to the loons and barred owls as we drifted off to sleep.

Hope everyone made it through Monday. The week is upon us and I’m already thinking about the next trip. Anyone have anything planned soon?

-Paddle In

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