Water , Water everywhere. Don’t fall in the drink. 


One thing to be considerate of this winter is water. Even with the recent drop in temperature and all the snow. Open water is lurking everywhere (cue creepy jaws music). I went through the snow and ice , luckily in only shallow, water multiple times on our last trip. Check your surroundings be safe and think before you step. Full creeks and streams were open but covered in snow. The edges of the lakes we traveled were very soft. Open water was evident all around us from the beginning of the trip and made the bush wacking portion of our trip very interesting. A lot of detours had to be made to make sure we stayed as dry as possible.Luckily having a hot tent allowed us to dry off our gear.  I know a lot of people are headed out this weekend for various fests and family day events. The majority of ice events in our area have been canceled due to unsafe ice conditions. So check with the organizers and make sure to play safe. Don’t forget to bundle up as well temps will be dropping past -30 in some areas which will definitely put a little nip in the air. Hope everyone has a great weekend. We’re excited to see all the photos everyone will be sharing. We’ll continue the photos of the trip next week and maybe add in a few videos of some downhill fun?


-Paddle In

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