Down the trail

The snow was much deeper, once we left the main trail, and without the snow mobile tracks our progress along the northern side of Coffee Lake was slow. But eventually we made it to a sheltered area I had scouted the previous year. A quick snack and re hydration break and we were ready to get started on setting up camp. This trip had us using the smaller two man Snowtrekker tent, which was more than enough room for Chelsea, myself,Whisky and all our gear. The tent goes up in minutes and the stove follows shortly after. Being on crown land allowed us the bonus of a layer of bows. That was followed by a tarp, our pads and then our sleeping systems.

While I busied myself with setting the tent up and getting the stove ready Chelsea began the search for firewood. Whisky, as always, began returning all said fire wood back to the woods and burying it around our campsite. But even with him working against her a nice pile of dry wood awaited me as I finished getting the tent ready.

Shortly after the sun began to set. A quick dinner was made atop the stove, as we warmed ourselves up, and my wife crawled into her sleeping bag. Her first day of winter camping had come to an end. She’d done incredibly well but all the walking,pulling sleds and trudging through snow up to her waist had taken its toll. In minutes she was passed out. I followed soon after lulled to sleep by the majestic snoring of our camp dog Whisky.

Looking at the projected forecast for the area this weekend we really hit the jackpot weather wise this trip. I believe temps only hit -9 while we were out with -29 in the forecast this week. Being milder allowed us to not have to bundle up as much and made sleeping very comfortable. In fact a couple times through out the first night I woke up to pull my arms out of my sleeping bag and cool down. I also think it added to my wife’s enjoyment of the trip.


-Paddle In

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