Day One – A walk down Rain Lake road 

As I mentioned yesterday the trip was a huge success. Not only did my wife enjoy herself but she’s agreed to do it again!

We started our trip on Rain Lake road just outside Algonquin’s western side. The town of Kearney only plows the road so far so we parked our truck, loaded our pulks and began the 3km trek to the trail head. It was extremely refreshing to see the snow covered surroundings. Though the unusually warm season we’ve been having was evident here and there in the form of open water.

We passed a few dog sleds on our march down Rain Lake road which had Whisky all in a fuss but as soon as we hit the trail head we were alone. Our destination for the day would be a small wooded section north of Coffee Lake which we had scouted earlier last year.

The hike was nice, the main route follows a snow mobile trail, that had been used in the past few days, which made the walk in to the cut off much easier. Only one big obstacle arose early on in the hike in the form of an open creek. I had assumed this might be open but hadn’t considered it would be so wide. A little teamwork and a few close calls later we had managed to cross the creek with minimal time spent in the water.

As we reached the cut off for Coffee Lake we donned our snow shoes and started the walk into the bush. We were both in high spirits and looking forward to the trip ahead of us.

We’ll be bringing more photos and videos to you all week. I hope everyone had a great weekend/week. It looks like Ontario is making another last ditch effort at having winter so bundle up and get out there and enjoy yourself!


-Paddle In

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