The future

 Going through this past years photos has brought back many memories. One thing kind of stuck out and I thought today of all days was a great time to bring it up.  Do you ever notice you have a lot of pictures staring away from the camera? What were you looking at , at that moment? Maybe a moose? Maybe the wind on the lake? Maybe nothing?  One things for sure is you were thinking about something. I like to think that in all these photos of my family, friends and myself that we’re thinking about the next trip, the next paddle, river, lake, and creek. About who will load up a portage pack and join us the next time. If we’ll be able to squeeze a trip in between the other trips already planned. The future.  So tonight as you ring in the New Year. An adult beverage in your hand and possibly a ridiculous hat on your head. I know a few of you will already have the gears grinding thinking about what type of paddling 2016 will bring.  So enjoy your night! From all of us here at the Paddle In family , Happy New Years (Eve) I hope it finds us on a trip with a few more of you in the seasons to come.

-Paddle In

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