It’s December right?

We’ve had some amazing trips this year . Friends and family traveling all over Ontario. So with the weather like this how can we stop? Our feeds are full of flooded portages, canoeists in t shirts and mud , mud and more mud. It is December right?  In fact it’s December 16th! Does anyone remember planning canoe trips this late? My birthday is coming up on January 5th should I keep my gear out and plan on a birthday paddle?  So I’ve danced around the subject with my wife now and we’ve come to a mutual agreement. The weather is supposed to drop down below zero all weekend. But come Monday its gonna start creeping up back over +10. So if, and only if, the weather stays like that. We’re gonna head out to QEW2 early next week, for the latest canoe trip we’ve had.   So what do you guys think? Still time to squeeze a trip in before Christmas? It seems the only time it snows is when we’re in the backcountry so fair warning. Also anyone interested in a January 5th grand river paddle haha.  


-Paddle In

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