It’s Friday!

So forecast for this weekend has temperatures hovering around ten degrees. Monday’s going up to 12! Maybe we should of packed everyone up and headed out. Mind you there is supposed to be a lot of rain. We do see a cold front creeping in. So a possibility this is the last good paddling weekend.  We thought we’d share a few extra photos from our last trip. Funny to think that it was the end of November and we thought it was it for the paddling season, only to have the weather get milder and the ice and snow disappear.  We’re still planning on hitting up the Grand River tomorrow morning. I believe the plan is to travel from Cambridge to Paris , maybe a little further if the weather holds up. We’ll be bringing the paddle live to you as we’ll have service while we’re out there. So make sure to check back in every once in a while to see what’s happening.  To those of you heading out this weekend, have fun and be safe! To those staying at home, have a great weekend!  Cheers

-Paddle In

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