Off topic winter wondering 

Okay slightly off topic today. Last night had a great chat with a variety of folks on the weekly #wegetoutside chat ,on Twitter, about winter camping. While I normally have paddling on the brain this really switched gears for me.  So I have a few questions for everyone. 

1)Anyone here a winter camper? 2)Anyone interested in starting to winter camp? And if so what has held you back so far?  

  Interested to see what kind of mix we have here. The last few years our winters have been spent in the crown land surrounding Algonquin park. Getting outfit has always been a cinch with the amazing people at Algonquin Basecamp. We highly recommend contacting them if you’re planning a trip in the area.  So let’s hear it! Better yet let’s see some photos from your past years winter camping. 

-Paddle In

4 Comments on “Off topic winter wondering 

  1. I will be winter camping for the first time this year. Staying in a yurt in December in Algonquin to start, then tent camping at mcgregor point in february. Very much looking forward to it! I guess what has stopped me before is gear. I do not have a winter tent but we are going to be rigging something up. We have a hydro site at Mcgregor and are going to bring heaters, tarp my summer tent and then do an A tarp over that to keep the snow off of the tent and keep the poles from snapping. Do you own your winter tent or always rent? I would like to plan another trip in between the two. Do you know any others that rent the winter tents or just algonquin base camp?

    Thanks for the sharing!

    camper christina


    • I’m sure there are others who rent winter tents. But I can’t recommend Chris and Robin enough at Algonquin Basecamp. Very knowledgable and great people.

      We just recently ordered a new Snowtrekker canvas tent. We normally rent.

      Be careful with heaters. They don’t mix well with water (snow,condensation) or tent fabric.

      Enjoy your winter trips. If you have any other questions feel free to email us at

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      • Thanks! No disrespect to Robin or Chris, I just like to try other places and parks. I’ve spent a lot of time in Algonquin and have been branching out lately and loving the other options so that’s why I was asking. Did you order the snow trekker from them also?

        I camped in restoule with my 70 year old mom last may 24 and we used a small space heater. Didn’t have any issues at all. I will definately be very careful. Thank you for the advice!


      • No worries. You can check out “lure of the north” for other winter camping activities.( they aren’t in Algonquin. )

        We ordered directly from Snowtrekker . As we’ll have relatives who can pick it up and bring it down in the spring.


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