Morning Three

Day three. Really morning three had the biggest impact on our trip. Remember I mentioned snowflakes on the tent? Pete was outta the tent about twenty minutes before I was and I could hear it. “CRUNCH, CRUNCH”. No way I thought it’s only been a few hours how much snow could of really accumulated. The answer , put simply, was a ton. Around 10cm had fallen overnight. And contrary to the forecast was still falling.  So what did we do? We made a big old fire and had a great breakfast. Luckily we had moved the canoe to cover our wood pile the night before. So we had dry fuel for the fire. The wind picked up shortly after and had us wind bound to our site most of the day. So we discussed past trips. How only a certain type of idiot goes canoeing in late November and how we were okay being those idiots.  One thing both of us were grateful for on this trip was the new tent. Our Eureka Canada El Capitan. This tent has experienced a myriad of weather fronts this year. 10 cm of snow and ice over a few days is an extreme but it performed amazingly. Both of us ,and Whisky, were toasty warm and dry each evening. Thumbs (and paws) up from our camp. So much more to talk about and lots more photos to share. The wind eventually died down and Whisky was in heaven with all the snow, but more on that later. Hope everyone is having a great week.


-Paddle In

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