Later that day.

So what do you do with 10 cm of snow and a wicked wind when you wake up?

Well first you build a nice fire. Get some breakfast going. Check the lake out and decide the white caps aren’t worth braving and sit around and chat. Which is what we did.

Then later in the day when the wind has calmed and the snows stopped falling. You pack the dog up and head out to explore.

Little canoe lake was just a short 1400m portage away. With fresh snow on the ground it made for an interesting hike. Moose sign was everywhere along with wolf as well. Walking along the snowy quiet portage had me feeling as if I should be dragging a pull behind me, but we’re still a few months away from that.

Whisky was in absolute heaven. Running and rolling and diving through the snow. We couldn’t help but smile. While the snow seemed like an inconvenience to us, to him it was pure heaven. We also started to talk about cutting our trip short. So far there has been zero ice build up. In fact the day had been down right mild. But as the evening progressed and we sat around the fire. The skies cleared and the temperature dropped. We shuffled off to bed around 8. Spirits were high. Little did we know that as we slept that talk we had earlier would become a reality.

-Paddle In

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