Grand River calling

So it’s settled . Early Saturday we’ll be headed out again. This time though we’ll be staying in our own backyard.  We’ll be headed down the Grand River. No overnights this week. Though if temps stay like this how can we not? Just a nice day paddle leaving from Cambridge and heading as far as we can in a day. We’ll be sure to stay in contact and share photos through out our trip.  While the scenery may not be as nice as our more northernly trips. The Grand is very special to us and we spend a fair amount of time with our family swimming,fishing and paddling its waters. The fact that it’s December 8th and we still have the canoes out is more than enough of a reason to get outside. The weekend is calling for temps just under 10 degrees and rain. Safety kit is packed as are our rain jackets. Some snacks are in order though I guess we could always make a quick portage through the Timmys drive through if we really got hungry. 

Hope everyone is having a great week. Anyone else thinking of getting out this weekend?
-Paddle In

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