How the trip started

  The first few days were fairly uneventful on our last trip. That is compared to the latter half of the trip. 

 A few little snow squalls driving up though had us rethinking our original route. We had planned on some River and creek travel. Our fear was that they’d ice over ( boy were we right)

 So we planned on a smaller trip to Clydegale lake with day trips venturing out into the surrounding area.   Canoe was loaded and facing a nasty head wind we started out. A much bigger snow storm forced us off the water on Penn Lake. The snow chased us down and made visibility nil. We decided that we’d rather be dry and safe. A quick camp was made . A fantastic dinner of steak and mushrooms was cooked up and then we retired to the tent. 

 The snow didn’t build up at all the first night. Day two was mild and calm. We continued to Clydegale ,camping at the southern most island site. It was nice and sheltered we knew that if snow was coming , like the forecast said, we had a great site to protect us from the elements. 

 Our spirits were high and as we went to bed that night a lone loon called out as the sound of snowflakes on the tent started. 


-Paddle In

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