Who taught you to canoe? 

Who was the first person to put a paddle in your hand?

 Were you just a little squirt covered in mud and catching frogs?

 Was it high school and that crazy friend of yours asked you to go on a “little” canoe trip?

 Have you picked it up recently?

 Friend? Family member? Instructor? 

 Let us know who or what first triggered your love of canoeing. 

 Hope everyone is having a great week.


-Paddle In


2 Comments on “Who taught you to canoe? 

  1. Never did any canoeing until we moved to Canada 13 years ago. First tried it with friends but it was just sitting in a canoe while they paddled so it wasn’t much fun. Then while visiting Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park we signed up for a park program where we got to paddle one of those large voyageur canoes. Even our two-year-old son got his own tiny paddle. We then rented a canoe and did some exploring on own. We were hooked and haven’t stopped since. Here are some of our favourite canoeing moments: https://gonecampingblog.wordpress.com/2015/06/12/our-favourite-canoeing-moments/

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