Happy Anniversary 

Do you have a favourite tripping partner? Someone who just makes the trip that much more enjoyable?

Just like a take a moment to thank my favourite paddling partner. My wife Chelsea. Who if you had of asked her eight years ago if she’d be portaging and paddling through Ontario’s North (by her own choice I might add) I believe you would of got a blank stare or a choice few words. 
We started Paddle In with the thought of showing other families how we, and in turn they, could get out into the backcountry. There is no way I could of done that without the support of my lovely wife.

So today as we celebrate eight years of marriage. I’m busy planning this weekends trip (as well as an awesome dinner) which I’ll get to share with my favourite paddling partner. That brings a big smile to my face.

So we hope everyone had a great weekend . Been seeing a lot of shots from all over Ontario. I can feel the cool creep of fall in the air and that only means one thing . The fall canoeing season is one of my favourites. With lots still planned for the months to come. We look forward to the challenges ahead. 

-Paddle In



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