It’s Hot Out!

It’s hot out!

It’s only 8:30 am and weather Canada has already issued heat warnings for huge sections of Ontario. It’s been like this for the past week. 
Extreme temperatures on either side can be dangerous when your out tripping. For the most part though we spend time planning for cold weather, not hot weather.
So how do you stay cool? 
Drink water! Kind of a no brainer but if you’re paddling and portaging all day sometimes you can forget to stay hydrated. Always take the time to keep that water bottle full. 
Nice headgear square! Wear a hat, or a buff ,or a sombrero doesn’t matter just keep the sun off your noggin.
Bandanas we don’t need no stinking bandanas! A bandana,buff or even spare t shirt soaked in the lake and draped around your neck is a game changer.
Choose your clothing wisely. Black is bad idea in the blazing sun so is that extra thick flannel you’ve been dying to try out. 

When all else fails and you really just need to cool down. Remember we’re surrounded by water when we’re paddling. Chelsea keeps a small camp towel and a change of clothes accessible in our day pack. As you can see from the photos she took full advantage of it this past week. I have to say a nice dip after a long portage was absolutely perfect. 
My wife would like to add, don’t forget your sunscreen. If you have sensitive skin (see ghost white) a sunny day on the water is a recipe for lobster skin. The sun reflects off the water and you can get just roasted. So keep a little handy or stock up on aloe Vera. 
-Paddle In


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