Back to reality.

Gear is strewn about the house being cleaned or dried. The canoe has been scrubbed and instead of cresting waves and slinking along rivers it is sitting once again on its stand in the backyard. The sound of loons and barred owls have been replaced by sirens and lawn mowers. The familiar sound of the bull frogs and Mosquitos were replaced with the metallic screech of my alarm clock as I awoke. (yet to figure out which is the lesser evil) 

Finally instead of patrolling the campsite and warding of bears and the ravenous squirrel population, Whisky is asleep under a tree in the backyard ready to protect us from murderous mailmen and the ravenous squirrel population. 

Coming home from a trip can be bittersweet, especially when it was a great one. But a quick glance at the calendar shows another trip trip just around the corner. So for now we can comb through the memories and share our experiences. 
Hope everyone had a great week/weekend we totally did.
-Paddle In

3 Comments on “Back to reality.

  1. I feel your pain. I just came home from an adventure and feel a bit uneasy in the comfort of my own home. Fortunately, I have another trip this coming weekend!

    Great post!


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