Final day.

  Sorry folks been super busy here on the homestead. Here’s the final entry of our family trip.
The last day of our trip only one photo was taken. This happened for a few reasons. One, it rained pretty much the whole time. Two the wind was so strong I didn’t have time to pick up the camera. 
Due to smaller lakes being booked it was our longest traveling day. Though we only saw one other person that day. By the time we had paddled and portaged our way from Wenonah to Rain the kids were beat. We set off into a fierce head wind and both kids hunkered down and passed out. (Even whisky can be seen sleeping in this shot) They deserved it. This had been a learning trip for them and seeing their skills develop over the last few years has been absolutely amazing. 
It had been a great trip. Three generations of Olsens had made the journey and three generations had come out smiling. 
The access point was once again the buggiest place on the trip. Thousands of Mosquitos bombarded us reminding us of what we’d be missing when we left. We quickly packed up and were on our way. 
A final stop at Algonquin Basecamp to return some gear and our rental canoe and we were off to Huntsville for some well deserved burgers and fries. 
Well folks hope you had a great weekend. We’ve seen some of the photos . Make sure to share some with us here.
-Paddle In


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