Day two in our way to Misty.

Day two we awoke to the sound of rain on the tent fly. We waited for a break in the weather had a little breakfast and packed up camp. From bandit we’d be heading through a series of portages to Misty Lake.
The next few hours were wet. Really wet as the skies opened up and the rain came pouring down on us. Portages were muddy, kids were getting stuck and poor whisky was now a new shade of red as he was soaked through.

I was afraid that morale would be wavering. But our two kids proved us wrong and marched on. The look of excitement as they counted down the portages to Misty grew and grew. When we were eventually arrived at Misty the excitement had spread to the whole group and everyone was looking forward to a change of clothes and some warm food.

In a last ditch effort to break our spirits the wind picked up as did the rain. But with a campsite just around the corner we sailed across the lake. Tarps went up, followed by tents , wet clothes were hung out to dry and all thoughts of the bad weather were quickly forgotten.


-Paddle In

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