Day three we rest. 

 On day three we rested. Mainly because Chelsea’s ankle was still swollen and she was having a hard time walking. 

Did that stop us from having a great time? Never. 
  The sun had decided to finally make a debut and a nice breeze was keeping the hoards of blood thirsty Mosquitos at bay. We explored the shoreline. Found an amazing little beach, did some fishing and explored the area around our campsite.

  This day was one of the best learning experiences my kids have ever had. The caught their first fish. Which was carefully inspected and then placed back in the water. We found loons nest, with mama and a single egg. The kids were amazed at how big the loon was and at the placement of her feet. While looking at the nest a bull moose walked out of the bush right beside us. So we were batting 1000 for wildlife. 

 The coolest moment was brought to us by our faithful camp dog. He ventured into the woods and brought back a rib bone. Our interest was immediately peaked and we scoured the surrounding area. What did we find? A moose kill and a ton of wolf sign. The moose looked to be a young male or possibly an older male (going off antler size) the kill was spread out over 200 feet or so and we only managed to find one antler. But for hours we walked and talked giving theories and listening to questions and answers posed by the kids. It was a first for me as well. 

 It’s moments like this that make me feel like a child again as I clamber over toppled pines and under fallen birch searching for more clues. Being able to share that with our kids is priceless and I look forward to all our trips planned this year. 
  We ended the day with a paddle on the lake. Ireland practised her balance in the boat and asked question upon question about the surrounding area. It was perfect. We ate and prepped for bed as the sun disappeared and the storm clouds rolled back in.


-Paddle In 

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