Day one family paddle to Misty.

Day one was interesting. First off I slept in. I never sleep in! So we were in a hurry as we rushed out the door. The whole drive up my mind raced thinking of all the rings I could of forgotten. Luckily though I didn’t forget a thing.
A quick stop in at Algonquin Basecamp to pick up a canoe and some supplies and we were on our way to Rain Lake access. Which unknown to us was also the location of absolutely all the bugs in Algonquin Park! Bugs nets were pulled out and we set out.

Weather was great day one. Blue skies and warm breeze. A fairly routine day, that is until my wife decided she had had enough of using two legs and would prefer to hobble around on one. She rolled her ankle on the first portage. She claimed it was fine and soldiered through the next few portages. When we hit camp on Bandit lake we assessed the damage and WOW she had a baseball size lump on the side of her ankle.

Talk of heading back rose up and she fought against that idea and won. We would continue on but keep an eye on her ankle to see how is progressed.

The site on Bandit was great and we were soon fed and falling asleep to the sound of the loons calling on the lake.

-Paddle In

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