Day four, time to head back.

  Day four we were back on the water after an early breakfast. We’d be moving from Misty back through to Wenona.
It was grey and the rain never stopped threatening to start. But we made to our site with out a single drop falling.
We ran into a few people on the portages all of them looked at us with our kids and dog like we were crazy. 
  Traveling during the shoulder seasons is great. The bugs and the weather keep a lot of people away and the routes which are full during the summer become ghost towns in the spring. So if you can brave the bugs and the rain it’s well worth it. 

  A few hours later we were sitting on the shores of Wenona fishing away and watching the resident pair of loons catch everything we weren’t.

  We spent the rest of the day relaxing and reflecting on what a great trip we’d had. Three generations of our family were out here. More trips were talked about, the kids are totally hooked and can’t wait for the next one, dinner was fired up and the breeze kept the bugs at bay. A fantastic broccoli and cheese soup was had tonight it was a new variety and a gamble I don’t like bringing food we haven’t tried at home. But luckily it was a huge success that everyone, including Whisky, enjoyed. 

When the rain finally decided to roll in after dinner. Everyone sat under the tarp for a bit and then slowly excused themselves to their respective tents. Tomorrow would be a long day heading to the access point. We all fell asleep to the sounds of barred owls calling in the trees, it had been a great day. 

-Paddle In

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