Do we have any anglers here? 

I know there is a few of you as I’ve seen a couple photos crop up here and there. 
Fishing (to us anyways) is a way to relax. Doesn’t matter the size , species or how often they are biting . We’ll be out there dropping a few lines. 

With fishing of course comes fish stories. We have our fair share. Andy has caught some of the biggest bass in Algonquin park I’ve ever seen. And I’ve caught some of the smallest. I caught two bass at once on a single lure (photo included) in the Kawartha Highlands during a weekend that saw hundreds of fish reeled in by everyone in attendance. 
We hunt down the perfect spot in the rivers for brookies in the spring. Cruise the shallows in the summer for that elusive lunker bass. Fishing from a canoe is a whole different experience and one which we’ve grown to love. 

We practise catch and release most of the time. Though a trout meal in the spring is something very special when you’re in the bush. Pete also has an amazing bass recipe that offers a great break from freeze dried meals. 
So next time you grab the paddles make sure to grab our rod and reel as well. You never know what kind of stories you’ll fish up. 


Tight lines

-Paddle In

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