Happy 122nd 

Algonquin Park recently had a birthday. At the ripe old age of 122 it’s still going strong as one of Ontario’s most popular paddling destination.

Lakes,rivers,creeks and streams which we have all traveled down at one point in time. Whether you’re a rabid Algonquinite who spends every minute with a paddle in the park. Or you make a yearly excursion to one of your favorite lakes. We all keep coming back. 
Well some people would say the scenery, others would point out the great opportunity for wildlife photography. Others point out the well documented routes with obvious portages and then some would mention the path less traveled with less obvious portages for the more adventurous. Some will tell you of a monster lake trout caught when they were just little in one of the many lakes there. A few will mention being taken there by their families at a young age and falling in love with the park. Some will mention the the beauty of the leaves in the fall, but others will talk of an early spring camp before the black flies have woken up and the brookies are running. Some might tell you of the awe they experienced paddling Lake Opeongo and how is can be a very interesting lake when the wind is just right. Others still will mention the slow lazy flow of the Nippising as they cruised through the alders. Some will say tradition, ease of access and even size. 

Guess what? 
They’re all right. Everyone single one of them. Each reason is valid in its own way. What makes Algonquin special is Algonquin. 

So happy birthday belated birthday Algonquin. We’ve been busy planning our next trip to your western side. I’m sure you understand. 
P.S if you could keep the black flies sleeping and the trout biting we’d really appreciate it. 
Paddle In 


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