Downtime in between trips can be a very melancholy time at the old homestead. Sure the first few days after a trip are full of gear cleaning, going through photos and chatting about the great times we had. 
Soon though the mind begins to wander. Thoughts of the next trip creep in. Works days begin to feel longer. Maps start littering the house. Phones calls and emails go out. The dehydrator fires up. My wife has often said its like living with a surly bear during this period of time. I believe her suggestions of going to sleep in a tent in the back yard may not always be in jest. 

Luckily we don’t go to long in between trips. 

That being said. This time next week we’ll be headed into the West side of Algonquin park. This is a family trip and our first into Algonquin this year. With a loop planned that is suitable for our little ones as well as offering some exploratory options.
So I guess the downtime is useful. Gear is patched/fixed, supplies restocked and cameras charged. Plus all that awesome family time. Maybe we need to just go with the flow? 
We know a few of you are headed out this weekend. Hope the weather cooperates and you all have a blast.
Well I have chores around the house to finish and it looks like my wife is setting up my tent in the backyard. I better take the hint and get to it. 

-Paddle In 
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